too good for drugs scott center 1The C. Waldo Scott Center for H.O.P.E. has received grant funding from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth to facilitate the Too Good For Drugs program curriculum.  The Too Good For Drugs curriculum addresses the core elements of providing knowledge about the harmful effects of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use; perceived benefits of remaining tobacco free; setting attainable goals, and resistance to peer pressure.  The group involves youth, grades 1st – 6th.  They participate in a ten (10) lesson curriculum, meeting once a week.  It is the goal of the Scott Center to serve 60 youth per program year, with a 50% program completion rate.  Each youth completing the program is administered a local pre- and post-test evaluation survey, with the targeted goal of at least 75% of the participants showing an increase in knowledge regarding the harmful effects of tobacco use and other curriculum concepts.  The third-sixth graders are required to take a statewide evaluation, which will determine if youth show a statistically significant improvement in at least one of the VTSF core measures.

Since 2003, the Scott Center has provided tobacco-prevention education, serving 621 youth through various program efforts.  During fiscal year 2010-2011, the Center served 71 youth with 60% completing the program by meeting curriculum fidelity; based on local evaluation, 75% of the youth completing the program showed an increase in knowledge regarding curriculum concepts.

Listen to “Smoke Free” – Youth Members of C. Waldo Scott Center:

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