Our Services

Programs and services at the Scott Center are available to young people ages 6-17, and their family members.  The Center also provides specific services for special populations when the need and interest arises.  While we encourage young people and their families to join the Center, and participate in our programs, individuals may also be referred by schools, community based organizations/agencies (public and private), churches, friends, or family.

The programs and services at the Scott Center are designed and delivered with a mutual respect for the rights, well being, and dignity of our members.  No one is denied services based on race, creed, religion, national origin, disability or income.

Educational Services

The Scott Center provides, specifically to young people, education, training, and support needed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge of their lives through positive action. Bringing together educators, healthcare professionals, counselors, recreation specialists, and community members in a safe environment, the Scott Center offers comprehensive programs carefully designed to meet the needs of the community.

Scholarship Awards

Workforce Development

Computer Training

After School Program with Academic Assistance and Enrichment

Parenting Classes and Workshops

Family Support Services

The Scott Center provides support services, which include conducting intakes and assessments, providing individual and group supportive counseling, assisting with program development and implementation, facilitating school and home visits, and facilitating referrals to other community-based services and programs.

Individual/Group Supportive Couselling

Individual/Family Assessments

Program Development

Home and School Visits

Referral Services

Community Outreach

Healthcare Services

In collaboration with Peninsula Institute for Community Health, Peninsular Health District, and Hampton University Nursing Department, our members have access to health education, dental screening and referrals, and health screening for summer camp activities.

Health Screenings/Referrals
Health Education
Dental Screening/Referrals

Creative Services

In collaboration with the City of Newport Department of Parks and Recreation, the Scott Center provides its members with creative services, which include instructional recreation, fitness, and cultural leisure outings.

  • Cultural Activities
  • Leisure Activities
  • Instructional Recreation and Fitness
  • Spring Break and Summer Camp Program