Wickham Avenue Alliance

Wickham Avenue Alliance (WAA)

The Wickham Avenue Alliance demonstrates a community partnership working to address the service/program needs of the Southeast community of Newport News, Virginia. WAA consists of:

Each organization maintains its’ own identity and purpose but shares its expertise and resources to provide quality opportunities for community youth.

Youth Leadership Program (YLP)

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) provides a service-learning experience for youth, ages 14-15, who reside in the Southeast community of Newport News, Virginia.

YLP youth participate in training sessions that addresses “soft skills” (i.e. work conduct, customer service), assist them in developing a skill-based resume, provide them with information regarding financial literacy, and explore self-sufficiency skills. The YLP experience also enhances participants’ developmental assets to include values, social competence, support, positive identity, empowerment, and constructive use of time (SEARCH Institute). The YLP program has served the community since 2008, which speaks to the need and commitment in serving our community youth.