Mural Unveiling with Artist Dana Carter

On November 17, 2018, a new mural was unveiled at the Scott Center.  Dana Carter, a local artist and native of the Southeast Newport News community created a piece honoring the legacy of Dr. C. Waldo Scott, the man for whom our center is named.

Persons featured from left to right:  Dana Carter (mural artist), Dr. Jon Scott, D.D.S. (son of Dr. Scott), Valerie Price (daughter of Dr. Scott), and Mayor McKinley Price (son-in-law of Dr. Scott).

About the Artist:

Dana Carter was born on January 5, 1964 to Luther  Dewey Hill Jr. and Mary Louise Hill, in the southeast community of Newport News, Virginia. She is the proud mother of three talented children, Candis, Treiteka, and Ramon, the proud grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren, Ethan, Michael Jr. Amber, and Ramon Jr. –  Dana would like to thank them publicly for allowing God to be forever present in their lives.

Dana was educated in the Newport News Public School System and was an integral part of the school’s systems integration process of the 70’s. She never had a negative connotation about her socio-economic condition and upbringing until being bussed uptown to other schools.

Dana fought hard everyday to prove she was just as smart and talented as the others in school. Not easily deterred, Dana attended Christopher Newport University and graduated with honors and received a Bachelors of Art in 1999.  Shortly after that she attended Norfolk State University and gained her

Masters in Urban Education and Counseling in 2005.  Through life she learned that poverty is not a state of being but a state of mind. Today she knows she is one of the richest women in the world.


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