KIME Karate Program

C. Waldo Scott Center is pleased to announce receipt of grant support from Sentara Healthcare for our upcoming KIME Karate Program beginning January 2023.

The prgoram provies an inclusive opportunity to promote physical and social-emotional wellness among youth living in the Southeast community of Newport News, VA 23607.

Grant funded by Sentara Healthcare

Thank you for your interest in the KIME Karate program. The C. Waldo Scott Center (Scott Center) has partnered with the Concern Citizens for Justice (CCJ) to offer this youth development experience. The CCJ has advocated for youth and justice within the Southeast community since 2018. The CCJ advocates are familiar with our community, its strengths, and challenges, which make them an ideal organization for partnership. The CCJ has six (6) trained Black belt instructors, each having over 10 years of experience in teaching martial arts.

The KIME Karate program addresses the need to engage youth in a non-traditional sports opportunity, which will enhance their physical and social-emotional development. The KIME program will teach participants self-defense skills, which will help to protect themselves when necessary. What makes the KIME program unique is the added component of providing youth participants with information and skill-building workshops, which will assist in supporting their social-emotional wellness and foster resiliency. KIME’s wellness workshops address the following areas: self-regulation (discipline/impulse control); problem-solving; anger management; bullying; mindfulness; conflict resolution; communication skills; and emotional awareness. As these competencies will assist youth with their karate development, they can be practiced in various areas of their development (i.e. home, school, and community).

A participant’s “promotional belt” will be earned by regularly attending instructional classes, which will help them to learn and develop their skills for self-defense, and attendance of at least 6 social-emotional wellness workshops. The requirements for the “promotional belt” help with the development of the WHOLE PERSON.

Youth living in the Southeast community of Newport News, Virginia (23607) may be eligible for a fee waiver, as we strive to facilitate an inclusive program. The program experience has received grant funding through the Sentara Healthcare system.

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