The Scott Center provides, specifically to young people, education, training, and support needed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge of their lives through positive action. Bringing together educators,healthcare professionals, counselors, recreation specialists, and community members in a safe environment, the Scott Center offer comprehensive programs and services carefully designed to meet the needs of the community.

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 Scholarship Awards

The C. Waldo Scott Center for H.O.P.E. is pleased to offer two (2) scholarships for educational pursuits. 

1) The Lylton L. and Augusta Inettie B. Edwards Scholarship is youth and adults who reside in the Southeast community of Newport News, VA and has a desire to enroll in a vocational educational program beyond the high school level. 
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2) The Board of Trustees’ Scholarship is for Newport News Public School high school seniors who have applied for college admissions. 
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Review scholarship applications for eligibility and submission deadline.

The C. Waldo Scott Center Board of Trustees relies upon community support in order to provide scholarships to local high school seniors.  With the help of community donations the Board of Trustees was able to award seven (7) scholarships.  The following are the 2017 Scholarship Recipients:  

2017 Scholarship Recipients:

Scholarship Recipient High School
Attending School
Kaelyn Benton-Hooker**   Virginia Commonwealth University
Terrell T. Carroll An Achievable Dream M&H Morehouse College
De’Andre J. Darby Woodside George Mason University
Kelsey E. Jones**   Virginia Commonwealth University
Andre C. Rascoe Warwick United States Naval Academy
Linh N. Nguyen Menchville George Mason University
Shaniquez A. Vance Heritage Hampton University

**Previous scholarship recipient

The Board of Trustees also manage the Lylton L. and Augusta Inettie B. Edwards Vocational Scholarship Endowment.  This fund provides scholarships to youth and adults, residing in the Southeast Community of Newport News,  who are enrolled in a vocational education program. The 2017 recipient is Preston Walker of An Achievable Dream Middle and High School, enrolled in the Advanced Technology Institute.

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 Parenting Classes and Workshops

As previously indicated, we believe that the developmental needs of young people are best met through the guidance and nurturance of their families.  The Scott Center endeavors to provide services, which affirm the role of the family, preserve, and strengthen family functioning, and support and empower parents.

The Scott Center utilizes trained contractual facilitators to instruct classes and workshops. The curriculum will assist parents in developing effective parenting skills, teaching alternative means of discipline, and strengthen family ties through nurturing.

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 G.E.D. Classes

The C. Waldo Scott Center collaborates with Monet Learning Center to provide G.E.D. instruction for adults.  Classes assist adults with strengthening their academic skills to prepare them to pass the G.E.D. test.  This collaboration also provides assistance to adults to obtain employment readiness skills.

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 Workforce Development

The Scott Center provides computer access for community residents to conduct web based employment searches and development of resumes and employment correspondences.  This community resource also provides users with posting of local employment opportunities and job readiness resources.

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 Computer Training30lab youth3

With support from the Newport News Public Schools, the Scott Center provides computer literacy skills for youth members.  The Scott Center also provides access to its computer technology lab to provide community residents with access to software and the Internet.

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 After School Program with Academic Assistance and Enrichment

30afterschoolThe Scott Center and Newport News Public Schools work collaboratively to offer the Augusta Inettie Banks Edwards After School program, which is facilitated Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. and Wednesday from 1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.  The program staff assist youth members with the completion of their homework assignments, facilitate social skills groups provide instructional recreation, coordinate educational speakers and presentation, and coordinate monthly leisure outings.  The Newport News Public Schools provide the H.I.K.E.  (Homework is The Key to Excellence) component of the After School program.  Through H.I.K.E certified teachers provide enrichment instruction and academic assistance to Newport News Public School System students in the areas of science, language arts, reading, math, and technology. 

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