Think Green

Kickoff eventThe C. Waldo Scott Center for H.O.P.E. received a grant from Johnson Controls, Inc. Blue Sky Initiative to provide educational  programming regarding energy efficiency, recycling, conservation, and becoming eco-friendly.  In collaboration with Johnson Controls and Newport News Public Schools, programming targeted school-aged youth, their parents, and community adults.

On October 14, 2011 the C. Waldo Scott Center hosted a “Going Green Initiative, which served as its “kick-off” event.  During this event the Scott Center youth planted a tree to signify its commitment to becoming “eco-friendly”.  The Scott Center’s “Going Green” youth Ambassadors recited a poem focusing on being environmentally friendly.

The Scott Center collaborated with Thomas Nelson Community College to host a workshop for adults informing them of a Weatherization Training Program, which provides the knowledge and skills needed to obtain certification to install energy efficient weatherization measures.

With collaborating partners, the C. Waldo Scott Center hosted the “Become An Eco-Friendly Family” workshop.  Adults learned things that they could implement or install to make their homes more energy efficient.  The Scott Center “Going Green Youth Ambassadors” performed an Eco-Skit and Eco-Song, which highlighted what they have learned regarding recycling.